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Lithocrete Sedimentary Wall Systems
A Lithocrete Sedimentary Wall is constructed in a method that replicates a wall constructed by nature.
Sedimentary rocks form layers of sediment accumulation in various depositional environments.
These layers, or strata, are probably the single most characteristic feature of sedimentary rocks. A Lithocrete Sedimentary Wall also has the plurality of discrete layers, with each layer constructed of concrete and a decorative additive.
Rocks, seashells, pinecones, and prairie grass are just a few of the items we embed into the walls to bring about their distinctive look and texture of life.
Perfect for beach promenades and rustic courtyards, the Sedimentary Wall System is an ideal way to introduce true originality within a functional wall in a natural surrounding.
Shotcrete Walls
A Shotcrete Wall System saves the cost of using poured-in-place concrete formwork, thus solving traditional forming systems (labor and material expense).
Used for over 75 years, different types of Shotcrete finishes can be obtained - from "as shot" (natural or gun finish), scratched, troweled or smoothed, carved, sedimentary finish, exposed, and reactive coloration.
Shotcreting allows for substantial savings in both form costs and construction time. Since it does not require the labor and materials of poured-in-place formwork, there is a significant schedule gain.
Form Liner Walls
Whether you are creating a River rock, Brick, Limestone, etc., the Form Liner Walls system is highly durable, very cost effective and provides patterns and textures that replicate natural stone. The Form Liner Walls process can be used on pre-cast or cast-in-place systems.