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As old as ancient Rome, Terrazzo was used by Roman architects to add beauty and variety to the courtyards and villas of their patrons.
With the same inherent natural beauty and versatility that so intrigued the Romans, TBP's Terrazzo System offers designs, patterns and colors in an infinite array of artistic statements!
From ¼" to 4" applications, our Terrazzo System (consisting of marble, quartz, glass, shells, or other suitable chips) can be installed in two uses of Epoxy and Cement.
Great for new or renovation projects, with no elevation issues to worry about.
Both cement based and thin set epoxy terrazzo systems are comprised of zero VOC materials. Terrazzo can provide facilities with a durable, odorless, zero-VOC producing naturally chemical and bacteria resistant hard surface system that requires no harsh chemicals to maintain. It contains no chlorinated compounds and no known teratogens or carcinogens.
In addition, the Terrazzo System has the lowest flooring cost life cycle compared to vinyl, carpet, or tile!
Overall, on typical projects, terrazzo can realistically contribute to five LEED credits. MR cr4(2), MRcr5 (2), EQcr4.1(1). On a case by case scenario, terrazzo may also be able to contribute to MRcr1.3(1) and in extreme cased ID cr1(1) and MRcr2(1) for a total of 8 pts.
Terrazzo can be poured onto many different floor materials such as:
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Wood

A perfect accent for commercial, industrial, recreational, institutional and residential projects.